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Need help with any of the following?

Brand Strategy & Positioning


Content Marketing & Producing

Project Management

Notebook and Pen

Finally, here are some nice things people have said about me:

  • “Jenny united people across teams and companies during a time of extreme stress for everyone, and she did it with grace. She gets stuff done and makes it look easy, even when it’s not.” — Kim Scott, co-founder and author of NYT best selling executive education book Radical Candor

  • "Jenny combines a unique blend of customer empathy, humor, creativity, and rigorous strategic thinking with a collaborative working style that makes her an absolute bad-ass marketing leader. If Jenny was an Airbnb listing, she'd be "a rare find." — Jason Rosoff, CEO of Radical Candor

  • “Jenny is imaginative, turns work in on time, and plays well with others.” — Mrs. Garcia, 3rd grade teacher

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